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Not Just Any Quarter Horse,
Not Just Any Time,
But Now, In the Lord's Perfect Timing, It happened!
First, He, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, had to line us out in the right direction. He did that by jolting Diane out of her cocoon on an evening ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton, Washington. Speaking through a young man the age of perhaps one of her sons, looking directly into her eyes, he reminded her that Jesus loved her. Immediately the message penetrated deep into her being and when it returned to her lips, it said: "I know, I've always known that--from "everlasting to everlasting,"--and so...
It was the beginning of a journey that would take the Eatons through a few very difficult months in their marriage to ultimately begin all over again, this time--a real honeymoon to Texas--with an older horse trailer, an older pickup truck with a borrowed camper and a quarterhorse mare (not Royal King) to pick up a buckskin filly by Triple Royal from the McDougals of Comanche, Texas.
We were riding on the Lord's shoulders. We left--both of us very ill--but determined, spending our nights wherever we could find a place for both us and the horse. After a sidetrip to AQHA with Ben nursing a crushed fingernail that became infected (from camper-hinged-back-window), we saw Triple Royal and our chosen filly out of him, Royal Cricket Jane (not paid-in-full yet), at McDougal's sale yard. Next, directions from McDougal took us to Jessie Branch, and another filly out of Triple Royal, Duke's Triple Holly.
Ben was really interested in a foal out of Royale Royale, Weldon McDonnell's 7th place winner in the 1973 NCHA futurity. The Lord had other plans for us. We did pay Weldon McConnell a visit, but before we arrived, we went to a saddle shop for directions to Mr. McConnell 's ranch. At the saddle shop, the wife of the owner said she had a winner out of Royal Feather, a stud owned by Wayne "Red" Swindle, who lived in downtown Comanche in a somewhat small yellow house with an older brown 4-horse trailer parked in front. She said Red's prices were very reasonable.
Mr. McConnell sent us to a banker's ranch, who had part interest in Royale Royale. After talking to him and checking his colts and prices, we were back in town, and out of impulse, stopped at Mr. Swindle's. There, we agreed to meet at noon the next day for a trip outside of town to pastures leased by him. So, it was another night in the pickup bed until the next day when Red and Fenton, Red's wife, invited us to stay with them during the rest of our visit.

*Diane, having met with Ben's brother - a minister of the gospel who had married us- and at his invitation, confessed my sins and desire to be forgiven and received into a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, prayed for our marriage to be healed.

Owning Royal King Horses - A Dream come true!

Ben offered to give up his dream of acquiring a Triple Royal filly from the McDougals to re-cement our marriage bonds. Diane joined him in his desires when he explained he had watched Royal King cut cattle in the Cow Palace in San Francisco and that Royal King horses were very gentle and intelligent.
So, we began the Texas trip to pick up Royal Criket Jane from the McDougals at Comanche, Texas.
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