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ROYAL  MISS  FLAG  EQH ( -- 46+% Royal King)  Sorrel  Quarter  Horse Mare

 AQHA  MARE  AND  2013  Sorrel  FILLY, Royal Miss Flash EQH  (-- 44%+ % Royal King ) 


Royal Miss Flag EQH

Royal Miss Flag EQH, Sorrel Mare with large blaze on her face, AQHA #4290566, foaled June 20, 2002.

Sire: Mount Royal King, 51.56% Royal King; Dam: Royale Holly EQH, 42+% Royal King.

 Royal Flag EQH Pedigree
      Royal King
    Triple Royal  
   SIRE:   Royal Texas Ball
  Mount Royal King    
      Triple Royal
    Criket Bar Trip  
      Blondy Jane 
Royal Miss Flag EQH      
      Royal King
    Royal Royale   
  DAM:   Woppy Cuellar
  Royal Holly EQH    
      Triple Royal
    Dukes Triple Holly  
      Holly Swen Ra

Royal  Miss  Flag  EQH  with  2013  filly,  Royal  Miss  Flash  EQH  (For Sale)  by  Royal  Roan  Max  EQH 

.  fILLY  is  44+%  ROYAL  KING  . BREEDING
Royal Miss Flag EQH with 2013 filly


Royal Miss Flash EQH (2 years) For Sale $1,500

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